Infrared Camera, Thermal Cameras

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Surveillance/Security IR Cameras

Cantronic is offering a line of cooled and uncooled thermal cameras, with single, multiple or continuous Field-of-View. These Cameras are used in a wide range of surveillance applications in Defense, Homeland security, Surveillance and Law Enforcement. The TR Series has excellent performance, superior imaging capabilities and high reliability in the field. They are designed for short, medium and long range usage and can be integrated with pan and tilt positioning systems to create complete surveillance systems.

Handhelds and Binoculars

The Trinity is an advanced thermal tactical binocular for both military and civilian applications. The thermal binoculars are based on advanced detectors, both cooled and uncooled technologies. The Trinity Series meets military specifications and is used for battlefield applications, and other para-military applications.

Thermal Cameras – Research & Development

The Cantronic ThermaLab is an extremely high sensitivity infrared imaging camera that is specially designed for scientific research and development application. ThermaLab cameras are normally used with a PC for control, image display and other advanced features through a Camlink interface. Using a Windows OS and ThermaLab software, the user can configure software settings and benefit from advanced live display/real time storage. These cameras may also be used as a standalone unit or integrated into the customer's own system.

Temperature Screening Cameras

The FeverScan M3000 System is designed for mass-screening of public areas. It finds individual targets with elevated temperatures and so can be detained for further inspection. The M3000 is ideal for multiple targets temperature screening in areas like airports, railway/subway stations, hotels and other crowded areas.


Thermal Lens Family

Cantronic is offering a family of thermal images lens, with fixed (adjustable) focus, motorized focus, manual focus, and motorized continuous zoom for FOV and focus control. These lens are all with high-performance. Whatever your requirement, Cantronic is dedicated to satisfying our customers by providing the latest technology and optimum quality products for the best value possible.


Whatever day or night vision application, Cantronic Systems Inc. has the thermal camera or security system to fit your needs. Please call 1-866-391-6970 to speak to an applications expert, or use our convenient contact form..